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Ryan Mckone

Program Director

Still not exhausted from a lifetime of being hyperactive and music obsessed, Ryan taps into his vast music business experience to birth Goodboi Records, including years dedicated to producing vinyl for independent labels.

Inspired by vegan principles, Ryan is  excited about the potential to channel the power of music into something positive to put out to the world in the name of helping animals have a better existence. 

Michele Truty

Operations Director

Coming from the vegan/AR sphere, Michele was a cofounder of Vegan Iron Chef in Portland, Vida Vegan Con, and Driftwood magazine. Her very favorite thing to do is handing fundraiser checks to sanctuaries.
Having grown up a sensitive weirdo in ’80s-’90s Chicago, the punk/post-punk scene taught her the power of music and community. And while she has zero musical ability herself, she appreciates how people can be touched by a song, how ideas can be shared. Why not lend that power to nonhuman animals?

Mark Werner

Creative Director

Mark is an animal lover through and through. From the snapping alligator turtles he raised as a young boy to his current dog Hamilton, he loves them all.

Growing up a skater kid in Chicago, Mark's love for the punk/alternative scene dug in deep. When he was a lad, his cousin worked for Wax Trax! and would send him music and merch, and that influence stays with him to this day—he had to have more than just one fix.

Totally tone-deaf himself, Mark is a Creative Director at a music activation agency, where he works with brands to bring music to life.

Goodboi Records cares about human animals too. 


Goodboi Records NFP shall not discriminate against any person or group of persons on the basis of race, culture, ethnicity, age, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability in the services or supports it provides or its policies or actions.


We do not condone language or actions, e.g., bullying or assault, that go against these or any other basic rights
of dignity and respect, and will sever ties with any artist or vendor who violates this policy.

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