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Along with sharing great music with you, our primary focus is funding animal sanctuaries and advocates. Our beneficiaries rotate periodically so we can spread the love around. The organizations we choose to support are vetted, as not all sanctuaries are created equal and we want to make sure we're not inadvertently supporting the exploitation of human or nonhuman animals. If you'd like to nominate an organization, email us at And thanks for your support!

One Tail at a Time

Based in Chicago, OTAT aims to end pet homelessness. Over the years they have saved thousands upon thousands of dogs (and cats, too!) by saving the most vulnerable from overcrowded or unreliable shelters and direct surrenders. They have an amazing foster program and a shelter program to keep pets with their families in need, and so much more. Check them out here.

Wedrose Acres

Located in Gridley, Illinois, Wedrose Acres Animal Sanctuary provides sanctuary to many traditionally farmed animals and works to prevent cruelty to all animals. Their wetland environment is also home to waterfowl and other wild species. Learn more here.

To support these fantastic organizations and our own, make your tax-deductible donation today!

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